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Water Proof Battery Disconnects Added!

PEAK Racing Equipment - "Waterproof" Battery Disconnects - Along with a complete selection of Remote Battery Posts and related Battery Components best sellers!

10315 [Red] Remote Battery Posts

10316 [Black] Remote Battery Posts

10317 Universal Thru Panel Black

10317R Universal Thru Panel RED

PK-1-3617 "Super Duty" Battery Disconnects

PK-1-3608-3 "Waterproof" 2 Post Battery Disconnect

PK-1-3609-3 "Waterproof" 4 Post Battery Disconnect

PK-1-3601C Keyed Battery Isolation Switch Removable Key with rubber cover 2 mounting Locations

PK-1-3603 Battery Isolation Switch removable key - four mounting Locations

Available at - Performance Plus Connection suggested stocking dealer of these parts 704-536-4287

Charlotte, NC 28205-4516

Available at stocking dealer of these parts


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Friday, 19 October 2018

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